Welcome to the W. Spa – an immersive experience at the heart of Prague at Pařížská 30. Our team want you to carve out some time to yourself. Rejuvenate your body and soul with one of our indulgent massage therapies, or feel re-energised by one of our special anti-ageing facial treatments.

Relax in our jacuzzi and heated swimming pool with salt watter. Let your stress evaporate in our steam room or sauna. Allow yourself to be pampered in our beautiful, serene surroundings. Breathe, relax and refill your energy. We are here to serve you.

Swedish massage

1 450 CZK

It facilitates perfect relaxation of muscles, helps to improve blood circulation and promotes the regenerative capacity of your body.

Different types of massaging techniques focus on specific body parts or the whole body. The therapist will accommodate your individual needs – with a particular focus on the back, legs, feet, hands, face, head or neck.


30 min   1 450 CZK
60 min   1 950 CZK
90 min   2 550 CZK

Anti-stress relaxing massage

1 450 CZK

This gentler form of Swedish massage will pamper you by applying moderate pressure and finer touches. We focus on working with the bodily energies and on inducing the wonderful feelings of a smoothly performed massage. During the massage, you can determine by yourself in which body part you are feeling the majority of accumulated stress and what you want us to pay most attention to.


30 min   1 450 CZK
60 min   1 950 CZK
90 min   2 550 CZK

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

1 950 CZK

Hawaiian massage is a magical sensatory experience. This massaging technique involves continuous, rhythmic motion using fingers, palms,
forearms and elbows. The resulting impression is not unlike feeling soft waves flowing through your whole body. This massage removes much of physical and energetic blockage and re-harmonizes the body.


60 min   1 950 CZK
90 min   2 550 CZK

Hot Lava stones massage

2 100 CZK

Discover the enchantment of luxurious massage with hot lava stones, which will thoroughly warm up your body and bring you into a state of total relaxation. The lava stones pre-warmed up in a water bath and the massage itself will help remove blockages and stimulate the energy reposing inside your body. You will still be feeling the invigorating heat long after the massage. To
intensify the soothing effects of the massage, we use exotic scented oils that will further enhance the magic of the massage.


60 min   2 100 CZK
90 min   2 800 CZK

Massage with a body peeling of your choice

2 350 CZK

Comprehensive regenerative body care combined with a unique massage. The peeling removes dead skin cells, restores the skin and prepares you for the subsequent healing oil massage with moisturizing effects. The massage revitalizes your tired body and releases nerve and muscle tension. Your skin will be silky smooth and will a get healthier look. A pleasant aroma will contribute to your perfect relaxation.

You can choose from several peeling types:
– cane sugar,
– coconut,
– sea salt


60 min   2 350 CZK
90 min   2 900 CZK

Reflexology foot massage

1 450 CZK

It is one of those incredibly pleasant relaxation treatments. Foot reflexology is an “acupressure therapy” that involves applying focused pressure to specific energy points present in the soles to cure or prevent disease. It helps establish a state of deep relaxation enabling your body to heal itself and work more effectively.


30 min   1 450 CZK

Thai classic massage

2 100 CZK

A traditional pressure massage using no oils. A natural therapy designed to reach flexibility, relaxation and energy balance improvement. Over a thousand years old traditional art of healing that combines acupressure therapy with whole-body stretching. It is based on Buddhism, yoga principles and working with the energy flows. It will make you feel balanced and relaxed.


60 min   2 100 CZK
90 min   2 800 CZK

Thai oil massage

2 100 CZK

A relaxing form of Thai massage with less pressure on individual acupressure points. Unlike traditional Thai massages, special massage oils with skin nourishing effects are used. It’s a very effective form of relaxation and regeneration and has a beneficial effect on the mind, and the body. It removes fatigue, stress and tension from the entire body.

60 min   2 100 CZK
90 min   2 800 CZK

Luxurious aroma massage W.

2 900 CZK

An extraordinary aromatherapy massage tailored to suit your body and your particular needs. It is a combination of the best Techniques and grasps our therapist can offer. This procedure also includes a relieving 30-minute foot massage.
An unforgettable experience for your senses employing not just warm oils and aromatherapy, but also e. g. silk scarves, to ensure your maximum
sensatory enjoyment.
Spoil yourself with uniqueness and luxury.


90 min    2 900 CZK
120 min   3 200 CZK


We kindly recommend you to make a booking in advance. Please book your treatment at +420 296 631 525.

Masseurs are available:
Monday – Sunday 7:00 – 22:00

Please book your massage at least 90 min. in advance.

Therapists are available:
Monday – Sunday 8:00 – 20:00

Please book your cosmetic treatments, manicure or pedicure at least 2 hours in advance.

Cancelling the booking

The treatments are booked for you especially. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 2 hours before the appointment time with no penalty. If you cancel or reschedule with less than 2 hour’s notice, prior to the appointment, we charge 50% from the price of treatment.

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